Tristen Lawrence

Administrative and Marketing Coordinator

Tristen wears many hats for ResFrac, ensuring smooth, on-time, customer-focused projects and outreach efforts at ResFrac.

Prior to joining ResFrac, Tristen worked in brand management and business operations for a small marketing firm in Central CA where she developed a love of branding and marketing and began to grasp the importance of user research in all marketing and outreach efforts. Tristen is a digital product designer and WordPress site builder with a passion for creating intuitive, user-centered products. She can pretty much always be found with a laptop or tablet open to an Adobe, FIGMA, or WordPress program, tinkering around with one design or another.

In addition to her work with ResFrac, Tristen is mom to four rowdy kids and spends evenings and weekends managing family chaos, boating, enjoying live music, amazing food, and participating in athletic events (as a spectator when possible). Tristen’s love language is coffee and memes, and those who know her best make sure she’s got a steady supply of both.

Tristen's posts

Welcoming Dr. Thomas Finkbeiner to the team as a Senior Technical Advisor

ResFrac is honored to welcome Dr. Thomas Finkbeiner to the team as a Senior Technical Advisor. Having lived many years in the region and consulted with Saudi Aramco and others, Thomas brings valuable technical and regional expertise to the ResFrac team. We look forward to his contribution as we develop and penetrate the rapidly growing Middle East market.

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Notable papers from the 2024 SPE Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conference

Last week wrapped another outstanding SPE Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conference. Every year, I write a blog post highlighting notable HFTC papers. Here is this year’s edition! As in past years, this is not an attempt to pick the ‘best’ papers. It’s a selection of papers that I personally found insightful, based on my own interests and specialization.

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