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Garrett Fowler

Chief Operating Officer

Garrett Fowler is Chief Operating Officer at ResFrac, responsible for overseeing client engagement, professional services, and software licensing.

ResFrac is a software company whose primary product is a fully-coupled hydraulic fracture, reservoir, and geomechanics simulator. Garrett has led modeling studies in every major shale basin, as well as geothermal and conventional projects. Prior to ResFrac, Garrett was a reservoir engineer at OXY and Tachyus, working on CO2 EOR, waterfloods, steamfloods, and cyclic steam injection.

Garrett attended Stanford University, where he graduated with distinction, receiving a Master of Science degree in petroleum engineering and a Bachelor of Science in energy resources engineering. Garrett was awarded a 2022 SPE Regional Completions Optimization and Technology Award, a 2023-2024 SPE Distinguished Lecturer, and authored or co-authored 21 technical papers. He is an Eagle Scout, multiple-time Ironman finisher, and a search and rescue diver.

Garrett’s professional publications include:

Garrett's posts

Modeling simulfracs and subsurface implications

Simulfrac’s are growing in popularity (see 2021 JPT article for when the trend was just gaining momentum). The idea is that one pumping crew can treat two wells simultaneously versus one well at a time. As such, a frac crew may zipper four wells at a time versus two. At ResFrac we are seeing an increase in simulfrac interest across our consulting and license customers. Simulfrac’ing wells within the ResFrac software is simple to set up without any complicated modifications – so this makes ResFrac an ideal platform to investigate the effects of simulfracs.

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Automated history matching to fracture geometries as measured by Volume to First Response (VFR): A Tutorial

In this post, I will walk through a simple example of using SWPM to calibrate the fracture geometries of a hypothetical data set leveraging the ResFrac Automated History Matching functionality to expedite the workflow. In a follow-on post, I use the model to demonstrate some intuitions on fracture geometry using the Sensitivity Analysis functionality as well as some nuances of VFR calibration.

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2022 ResFrac Annual Symposium

Last week we held our Fourth Annual ResFrac Symposium. The premise of the event is to bring together ResFrac users to share use cases, best practices, and general developments in the industry. This year was our biggest yet, with nearly 100 people joining either in-person or online throughout the day-long event, representing 26 different oil, gas, and geothermal operating companies, seven universities, and several service company collaborators.

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