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From the American Oil and Gas Reporter: Geothermal Needs Oil Field Expertise

Recent field trials have shown outstanding results from applying shale-style fracturing treatments to increase production from geothermal wells. In addition, application of industry drilling best practices have dramatically improved the rate of penetration and bit life while drilling through high strength crystalline basement rock. These breakthroughs promise to dramatically increase geothermal energy production in the United States and internationally.

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Test Shows Fracturing Can Also Create Underground Water Heating Systems

ResFrac customer, Fervo Energy has shown that fracturing can be used to build a geothermal heating system in hot, hard rock. During a 37 day test at it’s Project Red test site, the Houston company produced as much as 63 L/s (998 gal/min) of water heated to 336 degrees F. By pumping water from an injection well through fractured hot rock to a producing well, it heated enough water to generate up to 3.5MW of power, according to a company release.

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ResFrac Featured as Pioneering Software Technology in Hart Energy’s 2023 Hydraulic Fracturing Techbook

ResFrac initiates the process by building a “why” model using first principle physics. “Once we have a model that accurately describes how things are acting in the rock, we apply algorithms that use data analytical techniques,” ResFrac COO, Garrett Fowler said. “Optimization algorithms run a variety of hypothetical simulations—moving a well 50 feet deeper, for example, or using twice as much fluid—to determine the best next step in the development process.”

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Fervo Energy sees ‘breakthrough’ in enhanced geothermal technology, opening path for firm, clean power

The project’s results are a “historic breakthrough” for geothermal power, but Fervo still has much work ahead, according to Mark McClure, CEO of ResFrac, a firm that develops hydraulic fracturing simulation software. “Even as they continue to achieve technical success, they will need to demonstrate the commercial model — that they can secure funding, execute, and drive down costs to achieve long-term profitability,” he said Wednesday in a review of the project’s results.

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ResFrac’s Garrett Fowler is named 2023 SPE Distinguished Lecturer

ResFrac Corporation Chief Operating Officer, Garrett Fowler, has been named 2023–2024 SPE Distinguished Lecturer. Garrett will be presenting on “How To Leverage What We’ve Learned About Hydraulic Fractures.” DL Speakers from various disciplines and professions focus on industry trends, challenges, technology applications, and advances. Scheduled DL events are in-person meetings only.

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DOE Innovators Roundtable on Enhanced Geothermal Systems with Secretary Granholm

This week, the US Secretary of Energy, Jennifer Granholm, was in Houston to announce an ‘Earthshot’ initiative to accelerate domestic production of zero-emission, baseload geothermal energy  Secretary Granholm announced the initiative at a press conference, and then hosted a roundtable discussion with Reginald DesRoches, the president of Rice University, and a group of innovators in the geothermal space. ResFrac CEO Mark McClure was one of the participants in the roundtable. Sec. Granholm asked him how to increase engagement from the oil and gas industry in geothermal.

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The Fracturing Plan: Hit a Well 300 ft Away—How Hard Could That Be?

Hitting the next well during fracturing happens all the time. Predictably doing that on a large scale in granite looks a lot harder. Backed by $220 million from the US Department of Energy, the Utah FORGE team’s goal is to develop the techniques and tools needed to create well-to-well flow paths through rocks that are at more than 400°F and then send the heated fluids to the surface to power electric generation. This approach is known as an enhanced geothermal system (EGS). A paper recently presented at the SPE Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conference highlighted the problem. The reservoir modeling firm ResFrac offered examples of what can be done to understand geothermal fracturing systems, but said it is not yet possible to model a well plan for a specific location.

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What Is Really Happening When Parent and Child Wells Interact?

Insights from an ongoing industry study on North American shale wells help explain what frac hits, or fracture-driven interactions, are doing between offset wells, and why. When trying to understand the well-to-well events known as frac hits and fracture-driven interactions (FDIs), the first idea to embrace is this: they are not all the same. “And the key physical mechanisms are not the same,” said Mark McClure, who added that, “Until you’ve really dialed in on what those are, you’re really in the dark.”

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Why Multistage Stimulation Could Transform the Geothermal Industry

Flow rate is a major challenge for geothermal. However, the techniques used in shale to prevent flow localization can be applied directly to geothermal. If we can create hundreds or thousands of flowing fracture pathways around a horizontal or deviated geothermal well, then we will have truly “changed the game.” Read the article at the Journal of Petroleum Technology.

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Mark McClure, CEO of ResFrac Corporation

TWA Energy Influencers 2021

We’re excited to announce that Mark McClure, ResFrac CEO was chosen to receive a “TWA Energy Influencers Class of 2021” award, given by The Way Ahead, a publication of the Society of Petroleum Engineers.  This honor was given to seventeen young professionals, under the age of 36, “who excel in their fields at a level superior to that of their peers, yielding second-to-none achievements. Their outstanding efforts help shape the narrative around key issues in the energy sector for future generations.” Learn more about all those awarded on The Way Ahead website.

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Frac Tech: Simulation Sheds Light On Complex Relationships Between Parent-Child Wells

HOUSTON– Hess Corp. applied advanced numerical modeling and simulation to better understand complex relationships between a horizontal parent and two vertical child wells completed in the Middle Bakken formation. The results not only help make sense of diverse parent/child well observations, but also shed new light on effective frac length, the impact of frac hits on parent well production, proppant distribution and “trapping,” and more.

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Exclusive 360 Energy Expert Network Video Interview: Understanding Your Reservoir – A conversation w/Mark McClure, CEO, ResFrac

Mark McClure, CEO,  of ResFrac Corporation was interviewed on the Energy 360 Podcast by Dan Genovese, Director of Consulting Services at Enercom to discuss unique modeling in a three-dimensional simulator for reservoir simulations. In this market, every dollar counts in your limited capital budgets. Click to view the interview and learn more about the collaboration, transparency and the realism in the fluid flow and Proppant transport.

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Hart Energy Profiles ResFrac as Innovative, Disruptive Technology

“Private-equity-backed tech startups are fostering change in the oil and gas space with innovative, disruptive technology. Many investors have turned to transformative technologies to enable digitalization and improve returns. Given the current price environment, harnessing digital technologies has proven to be a critical part of survival.

As many oil and gas companies look for solutions to help cut costs, Investor profiled three forward-thinking digital technology startups that are moving through the energy industry and helping streamline operations, boost efficiencies and maximize production.”

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Questions Over Permeability Prompt Producer-Led Group To Rebuild Key Fracture Diagnostic

For the past 20 years, the diagnostic fracture injection test has been used across the frontlines of the shale revolution to paint a picture of what cannot be seen. However, that picture has not always been so clear in the eyes of subsurface engineers. Last year, a joint-industry project supported by six shale producers formed to develop a new methodology that aims to bring fractures into sharper focus—especially when it comes to obtaining accurate permeability estimates from within shale gas formations

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ATCE Startup Competition Names People’s Choice and Rising Star Winners

ATCE welcomes ResFrac Corporation to the vibrant and innovative Startup Village. Designed to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit in the energy industry, this competition showcases a remarkable competition for emerging startups in the energy field. This is your chance to promote your ingenuity and creativity by presenting your groundbreaking solutions, technologies, and business models that will revolutionize the energy sector. Compete with other energy startups to win prizes, gain visibility and recognition by industry leaders, gain mentorship and network with energy investors!

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University Group Lists “Most Promising” Oil & Gas Startups of the Year

Being a startup in the upstream industry does not make for an easy existence. For starters, the target customer base is famously known for its collective skepticism of new and unproven technologies. And even if an innovation passes technical muster, it must go well beyond creating nominal value to entertain wide interest from oil and gas companies. ResFrac’s precursor company, McClure Geomechanics, was named among the most promising startups by the Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship for the Offshore Technology Conference’s (OTC) Startup Roundup in 2018.

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New Modeling Code Sees Deep Inside Fractures, May Change Thinking on Well Spacing

The diagnostic fracture injection test (DFIT), also called a mini-frac, has helped steer the completion designs of countless horizontal wells over the years. However, an ongoing industry study is about to give engineers a new, and possibly significantly more accu­rate, way to use it. As a result of the project, “What I believe is going to happen, is that in 3 years everyone will have completely changed how they interpret the test,” said Mark McClure, the founder and chief executive officer of ResFrac Corp.

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Upcoming events

ARMA International Geomechanics Symposium

Join us on November 7-9 at the upcoming ARMA International Geomechanics Symposium in Abu Dhabi. ResFrac Senior Reservoir and Completions Engineer, Ankush Singh, will be presenting his recent work on long-term CO2 injection.

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