Fervo Energy sees ‘breakthrough’ in enhanced geothermal technology, opening path for firm, clean power

July 21, 2023

The successful use of fracking techniques at a project in Nevada expands the potential for geothermal across the West, according to Tim Latimer, Fervo CEO.

…In a move that could open a path for widespread 24/7 clean energy, startup Fervo Energy built and tested a pilot enhanced geothermal system, or EGS, that it expects will supply Google with about 4 MW by the end of the year.

…The project’s results are a “historic breakthrough” for geothermal power, but Fervo still has much work ahead, according to Mark McClure, CEO of ResFrac, a firm that develops hydraulic fracturing simulation software. “Even as they continue to achieve technical success, they will need to demonstrate the commercial model — that they can secure funding, execute, and drive down costs to achieve long-term profitability,” he said Wednesday in a review of the project’s results.

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