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Training content and documentation

ResFrac Users Guide

If you are new to using ResFrac (or just want to brush up on your skills), start here! This video has everything you need to know about setting up and

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Technical papers and case studies

Leveraging Fiber Data in the Midland Basin

Apache used ResFrac to tightly constrain their Midland Basin pad models. Apache is a leader in gathering and interpreting advanced diagnostics. In SPE-204172, Shahri et al., describe the detailed calibrations possible with ResFrac and cross-well engineered fiber from Silixa. ResFrac outputs the full stress and strain tensors at any location in the model. These data can be used to directly compare to the strain rate data gathered from cross-well fiber-optic monitoring.

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Office hours recordings

Stress variations with depth and hydraulic fracture optimization

This month, we had a presentation from ResFrac Senior Consulting Engineer, Dr. Ankush Singh, entitled, “Stress variations with depth and hydraulic fracture optimization”. He covers material from SPE papers “Optimization of Multi-Stage Hydraulic Fracturing in Unconventional Reservoirs in the Context of Stress Variations with Depth” ( and
“Integrated Analysis of the Coupling Between Geomechanics and Operational Parameters to Optimize Hydraulic Fracture Propagation and Proppant Distribution” (

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Creating Value with a Hypothesis-Driven Workflow

For Office Hours this month, we had a conversation with Mark McClure on his recent findings and observations on structured field testing, as motivated by his recent due of blog posts: “Epistemic Challenges in Subsurface Engineering, Part I: The Persistence of False Beliefs” and “Epistemic Challenges in Subsurface Engineering, Part II: Creating Value with a Hypothesis-Driven Workflow” on the ResFrac blog.

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