DFIT Interpretation Course, SAGA Wisdom

This course covers the DFIT interpretation procedure from the paper URTeC-2019-123. The procedure was developed as part of a collaborative industry study sponsored by a group of six operators and one service company. It is the latest course offered by SAGA Wisdom,available to SAGA Wisdom subscribers.

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ResFrac Users Guide

If you are new to using ResFrac (or just want to brush up on your skills), start here! This video has everything you need to know about setting up and

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The ResFrac A to Z Guide

For this Office Hours, Garrett gives an introduction to the new ‘ResFrac A to Z Guide: Continuous Improvement with ResFrac.’ This guide has a step-by-step tutorial and should be especially

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Technical Writeup

Hydraulic fracture models shouldn’t be a black box. We provide a detailed technical writeup so you know what the simulator is doing and why. ResFrac implements constitutive equations for fracture transport

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Learn why both independents and supermajors trust ResFrac