Test Shows Fracturing Can Also Create Underground Water Heating Systems

September 1, 2023

Fervo Energy’s bet that fracturing methods can be used for geothermal power is looking like a winner.

Fervo Energy has shown that fracturing can be used to build a geothermal heating system in hot, hard rock.

During a 37 day test at it’s Project Red test site, the Houston company produced as much as 63 L/s (998 gal/min) of water heated to 336 degrees F. By pumping water from an injection well through fractured hot rock to a producing well, it heated enough water to generate up to 3.5MW of power, according to a company release.

…Overall, there’s nothing really surprising here– they used a pretty standard shale frac design and observed pretty similar performance from what you would see in a shale play. Or at least, what you’d expect if you used a shale well as a long-term water injector and circulated fluid over to a neighboring production well,” said Mark McClure, chief executive of ResFrac, a reservoir modeling and consulting firm in a blog post.

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Journal of Petroleum Technology
Stephen Rassenfoss

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