Introducing ResFrac’s newest app, StageOpt

October 10, 2023

For September Office Hours, we had presentations by Egor Dontsov and Mark McClure, introducing ResFrac’s newest app, StageOpt. StageOpt calculates proppant transport from the wellbore and helps you optimize perf design to maximize the uniformity of proppant and slurry transport. Proppant transport from the wellbore has been a major area of research in recent years because: (a) uniformity of proppant and slurry flow from the wellbore have a direct impact on production and recovery, (b) changes to perf design that improve uniformity are easy to implement, and (c) new diagnostics such as DarkVision provide high-fidelity measurements of perforation erosion, which allow validation and calibration of models. Modeling proppant transport from the well is tricky, because there are multiple, interacting physical processes occurring simultaneously. In this Office Hours, we discuss these complications and how we address them in the app, its capabilities, and the research behind it.


02:27 // Introduction to StageOpt

35:08 // StageOpt Interface Sneak Peek

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