John McGrath

Director of ResApps Operations

John McGrath is Director of ResApps Operations responsible for the development and client support of the ResApps product line within ResFrac.

In previous lives, John has worked for several oilfield companies, including Schlumberger, Baker Atlas, and Corelab, being mostly focused on new product development and implementation.  This has resulted in spells in various locations around the world where the highlights were Thailand, The Netherlands, Wales, and now he calls Houston, Texas home.  Not too bad for a kid from a small village in Scotland who joined the oilfield in Aberdeen after getting an Honours degree in Civil Engineering several lifetimes ago.

John’s passion is working at the intersection between developing / commercializing new products and working with clients to deliver innovative solutions that solve real problems.  No two days are ever the same.

In his spare time John can be found either in his woodshop building furniture that his wife has no space for or under the hood of his 1962 Chevy C10 truck cajoling it into starting again.

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