ResFrac PCIS presentation- Frac hit remediation and enhanced prefills

Frac hits have been of intense interest in the industry due to the potential degradation of production to both the parent and child wells.  Damage to the parents wells vary widely across basins but there are a significant number of parents wells where lost production cannot solely be explained by stolen reserves.  Increased scaling tendencies and incompatibility with the child well frac fluids could be contributing to the damage; however, sustained decreases in GOR and increased water-cuts suggest water blocking or capillary phase trapping is also contributing.  Kairos has developed a rigless patent pending process that combines specific chemistry with a diversion package to remediate damage and remove water block.  An application in the Eagle Ford increased oil production by 60%, improved BOE EUR by 30%, and paid back in four months. 

Kairos is also applying this process during prefills or frac protects.  The chemistry will aid to enhance production on the parent well while the diversion package is showing an improved bottom hole pressure build.  The use of the diverter resulted in 137% improvement  in reducing injectivity or increasing pressure versus just bullheading the prefill (normalized to prefill volume).  These treatments target pore pressure increases in the matrix surrounding the parent well fractures.  They are designed cut hydrocarbons faster post-treatment and increase net bottom hole pressure build resulting in a more efficient and economic prefill.