Recoil Resources in the Eagle Ford Shale

September 14, 2019

Eagle Ford Completion Optimization

history match


Recoil Resources is an innovative and technology-forward growth operator in the oil window of the Eagle Ford shale. Recoil and ResFrac collaborated on the project to history match a two-well pad with approximately a year of production data. The history matched model was then used to investigate a number of sensitivities.

The objective of the study was to look at opportunities to optimize well spacing, cluster spacing, and proppant loading. Each variable was tested independently, the results of which were then used to create simulations varying multiple parameters from the base case.

Fracture length and conductivity

Net present value (NPV) was used to evaluate scenario performance. Simulations were performed to evaluate two different cases: (1) an unbounded doublet of wells, and (2) two wells bounded on either side by other wells.

Example of unbounded and bounded well layouts

ResFrac simulations identified opportunities to achieve more consistent stimulation along the lateral and greater recovery factor. The results from the simulations have led to design modifications in upcoming wells and improved confidence in long term development plans.

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