Interpreting Simulations

For Office Hours on 8 Sept 2020, we began what is sure to be a longer conversation on interpreting simulations and presenting results–looking at common plots and visualizations for comparing

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Fracture Geometry Tuning

For Office Hours on 25Aug2020, we had a guest presentation from petrophysicist and ResFrac Senior Consulting Engineer, Dave Ratcliff on diagnostics for fracture geometry and propped region tuning.

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Advanced Perforation Inputs

For Office Hours on 28 July 2020, Garrett discusses advanced perforation inputs meant to help account for real-world uncertainties within the model: perforation diameter variance and perforation random initiation distance.

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Virtual Simulation Course Review

This week, we followed up on what was covered at the ResFrac virtual simulation training course and answered questions from participants regarding the assigned homework and using the ResFrac model.

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