Stage Length Setup

For this Office Hours, Garrett discusses stage length sensitivities, how to structure those investigations within ResFrac, and common evaluation metrics to optimize stage length. He gave a short sneak preview

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Well Import

For Office Hours on 20 Oct 2020, we had a demonstration from Garrett Fowler on the Well Import panel in ResFrac, and how to properly set up and view a

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The Peril of Non-Unique Solutions

For Office Hours on 22 Sept 2020 we had a guest presentation by Dave Ratcliff, ResFrac Senior Consulting Engineer, and Petrophysicist, discussing the Peril of Non-unique Solutions in simulation results

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Interpreting Simulations

For Office Hours on 8 Sept 2020, we began what is sure to be a longer conversation on interpreting simulations and presenting results–looking at common plots and visualizations for comparing

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