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Thank you to all involved in the ResFrac simulation training course held in early 2020–it was a resounding success! With the subsequent onset of COVID-19 social distancing restrictions, this will be our last in-person training for the indefinite future. Upcoming events are:

  • June 9-11, ResFrac Virtual Simulation Training (remote)
  • October 8-9, in Denver, CO following ATCE (remote or in person TBD)

Special thanks to our hosts at NexTier for allowing us to meet in their corporate training facility in Houston, TX. With 36 attendees from 18 companies, we had a great turnout. The training course was a mix of background theory and hands-on model building in ResFrac. Participants reported getting the most value from theory discussions, particularly in hearing Dr. McClure’s take on planar versus complex fracture modeling, and the afternoon session on history matching intuitions, methodologies, and tips.

Course participants had the following to say about the training:

  • “The ResFrac Simulation Training course was a very informative course highlighting the philosophy of the ResFrac model as well as a detailed walk-through on how to set up a model. It was a very helpful class!”
  • “This course was great- it was a good balance of theory, using the software, and learning the recommended history match process. The ResFrac team has put great thought and effort into communicating their modeling philosophy and the design features of the tool. Overall, the ResFrac simulation training course was a resounding success!”

ResFrac Training

ResFrac Training

ResFrac Training


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