Refining Completion Design and Investigating New Concepts

July 18, 2019

Refining Completion Design and Investigating New Concepts


Liberty Resources is a leading operator in the Bakken. Already well-known for using innovative modern designs (Weddle et al., 2018), Liberty hired ResFrac to investigate further opportunities to improve design. Integrating geological, petrophysical, and completions data, a ResFrac model was built to simulate hydraulic fracturing and subsequent production. The model was history matched to historical production. Then, a variety of alternative design scenarios were evaluated.

The simulations revealed new insight into fracture geometry and proppant dynamics. After running a variety of alternative scenarios, we concluded that it would be difficult to improve on the existing design! However, after considering insights gained from the initial round of models, Liberty identified injection strategies using alternative proppants that could increase production, but also remain cost-effective.  

Weddle, Paul, Larry Griffin, and C. Mark Pearson. 2018. Mining the Bakken II – Pushing the Envelope with Extreme Limited Entry Perforating. Paper SPE-189880-MS presented at the SPE Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conference & Exhibition, The Woodlands, TX. Click here for the conference paper.


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