Hess and ResFrac Collaborate on Bakken Parent-Child Study

April 16, 2020

SPE 199716 (HFTC) and Upcoming ATCE 2020 Paper

ResFrac performed an integrated parent/child study with Hess in the Bakken shale. The well history involved a complex series of production, reinjection, DFITs, a frac hit from an offset well, and subsequent production uplift. Because ResFrac integrates fracturing and production in a single simulation, it was possible to model the entire series of events in a single continuous simulation. The simulation was able to capture all the major observations from the complex and varied dataset. The results allowed us to calibrate model parameters such as Biot coefficient, fracture toughness, permeability, and proppant conductivity. Because the model is so well-calibrated, it can now be applied to address practical completion design questions.

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