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ResFrac is the only commercial code that fully integrates a true hydraulic fracturing simulator with a reservoir simulator (including geomechanics), where at every timestep all governing physics are solved simultaneously. This enables the seamless simulation of the full life-cycle of a well or pad. There are many help resources available for ResFrac users – both new and experienced, within this course and elsewhere. These resources include:

  • The ResFrac “A to Z Guide” – a written document, designed to be a practical guide. 
  • ResFrac Online Training support videos (found on this page, below) .
  • Built-in templates – when you create a new simulation or workflow in ResFrac, there are options to start from prebuilt templates. These give starting models for different basins, and also for different application areas. Each template has a PPT deck with supporting explanation. These PPT decks can be found with your ResFrac installation in the folder “<ResFrac folder>/resources/documentation/Workflow templates”, or by selecting the gear icon in the job manager, and clicking the ‘Documentation’ button.
  • The ResFrac blogcovers a wide range of topics, and often covers practical guides or discussion of key issues.
  • The ResFrac Technical Writeup – a written document providing details of the technical approach used by the simulator. This document is not as ‘practical,’ but is useful if you want to look-up specific details about the simulator. 
  • ResFrac monthly office hours – held monthly, these presentations cover a variety of practical topics. Recordings are posted online after the fact, but to sign up for email notifications on upcoming office hours, enter your email into the “Sign up for updates” link here
  • Don’t hesitate to reach out!  Email at

Don’t hesitate to reach out! Email us at, or click  below.

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Course description

In this course, we will cover the technical basis for the modeling approach, give an overview of the software capabilities, and build example models to optimize critical aspects of well design: well spacing, cluster spacing, proppant loading, well sequencing, and more.  The course is completely free, but we recommend that you log in to save your place and to download course materials.

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