September 2024 Fundamentals Course

Simulate the Entire Life Cycle of an Unconventional Well with a Single Simulator

About this event

ResFrac’s simulator training course addresses economic optimization in the context of cluster spacing, well spacing, fluid and proppant volumes, landing depth, stage length, and cluster design. ResFrac is the only commercial code that fully integrates a true hydraulic fracturing simulator with a reservoir simulator (including geomechanics), where at every timestep all governing physics are solved simultaneously. This enables the seamless simulation of the full life-cycle of a well or pad.

Who Should Attend: The course is for new or existing users of ResFrac, and will cover the basics of  geomechanical and fracturing theory, but participants will ideally have some prior familiarity with hydraulic fracturing.

Description and Objective: In this four-day course we will cover the technical basis for the modeling approach, give an overview of the software capabilities, and build example models to optimize critical aspects of well design: well spacing, cluster spacing, proppant loading, well sequencing, and more. 


Course will cover:  The first day of the course is a full day of instruction. On days 2, 3, and 4, the mornings will be instructional and the afternoon will be dedicated to building personalized models.  Day 1  will provide an introduction to the software for new users and provides instruction on basic manipulation of models. Day 2 builds on the simulation from Day 1, adds complexity, and covers Automatic History Matching workflows.  Day 3 uses the matched simulation from Day 2 to create an optimization workflow, demonstrating the coupled optimization of well spacing and job size as well as covering intuitions of history matching. Day 4 reviews how to interpret optimization results and nuances, and we will discuss current “hot topics” in fracture modeling.

Cost: Course cost is \$2500,  and includes four days of breakfast, lunch, and snacks;  course slides.  Participants are encouraged to bring their own data set, or ResFrac will provide sample data. For participants without a ResFrac license, a 30-day trial license will be provided.